Don’t miss your chance to win the cost of your new car back.

Up to $100,000 cashback

Select Suncorp as your new car’s CTP Insurer for a chance to win.

You’ll have a chance to win the purchase price of your new car - up to $100,000 - simply by choosing Suncorp for your CTP Insurance when you buy a brand new car or when you renew your rego for the first time on a car you bought (as brand new) within the last 12 months*.


The prize

The winner will receive an electronic funds transfer to their bank account equivalent to the purchase price they paid for their new car, up to a maximum of $100,000. (We include optional extras and GST in assessing your purchase price, but no other items such as taxes, charges or insurance).

Need another reason to choose Suncorp CTP Insurance?

CTP Insurance is similar across all providers, and choosing Suncorp Insurance won’t cost you anything extra. Plus, there are great benefits that come with Suncorp CTP:

  • Driver Protection Cover: Up to $2 million in benefits for specified serious injuries to eligible at-fault drivers^.
  • The claims experience that comes with being Queensland’s largest CTP Insurance provider.
  • Add CTP towards your Suncorp multi-policy discount: Suncorp CTP Insurance counts as an eligible policy towards a Suncorp multi-policy discount (but can’t be discounted due to Queensland legislation)+.